One of the things that has really helped get It Happens Here and its message out in Oxford and beyond recently has been our “If You Wanna” Photo Campaign. With the cheeky catchphrase of “if you wanna be my lover… you gotta get my consent”, and if you don’t understand why that’s funny go and get a musical education, as a matter of urgency.

The posts from this week alone on the Facebook Page (please like and share!) having reached 4,700 new people and counting. Every one person who becomes that little bit more  aware of the subject of consent, for themselves and for any future sexual partners, is a victory for us, not just It Happens Here, everyone. We’ve also teamed up with our equivalent campaign in Durham, and hope to continue posting photos and raising awareness in the coming weeks and months.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have had their photographs taken, especially those who have been willing to take some slightly more daring shots to get attention for this cause. We see this as a triumphant reclamation of our naked bodies as our own, especially the female body which in our culture is so often made into a piece of meat rather than something that is host to a living breathing person. Some people have gone way out of their comfort zone to have these naked photos taken, (including myself, I don’t even take my t shirt off on the beach), which should demonstrate just how important this fight is to us.

We are still taking photographs, feel free to contact Joshua       ( if you want to arrange an individual shoot or preferably a group one! JCR Committees, Sports Teams etc. are encouraged to stand up as examples! Also, we are open to any out of the box ideas for composition. In addition, by no means do you have to take your clothes off, any kind of contribution helps, and will be greatly appreciated.The ladies are showing up the gentlemen at the moment in terms of numbers, so if you are a man, we need you! Do get in touch, and thank you so much again to all those who have already participated!

Joshua Rampton, Male/Minority Gender Rep


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