It Happens Everywhere is our weekly newsletter where we take a look at what is happening in the world and try to start a conversation, a conversation that will make people think, and hopefully stand up against sexual violence.

It Happens Here, It Happens Everywhere.


CN: rape, sexual violence, murder, child abuse.

Oklahoma man sentenced for raping and abusing children at a Kenyan orphanage

On Monday, a man from Olkahoma was sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting children, aged 5-15, whilst volunteering at a children’s home.  Such a disgusting violation of the trust he received from the children, who he was meant to be caring for, will undoubtedly cause psychological damage.

This terrifying case reminds us that rape and sexual abuse can occur in any context, even those which are meant to have a basis in trust, protection and benevolence. Often, predators take on such roles for accessibility.

Tragic case of a teenager raped and set on fire in India

On Wednesday a 15 year old girl died after being raped and then set on fire in her home. The man accused is known to have stalked her previously, following her everywhere up to the point that she had to leave school.

Such horrific stories are painful to hear, but must be told. They must be told so that we can learn from these things and fight for a world where they do not happen.

Rhiannon Thompson,  Publicity Team


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