It Happens Everywhere is our weekly newsletter where we take a look at what is happening in the world and try to start a conversation, a conversation that will make people think, and hopefully stand up against sexual violence.

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CN: sexual violence

UK MPS launch inquiry into sexual violence in schools

 UK MPs launched an inquiry into sexual harassment and violence in schools on Tuesday 19th following preliminary research suggesting that it is both commonplace and not adequately dealt with.

Particularly, unwanted touching and sexual name-calling/bullying were reported as big problems. Many incidents go unreported, and many teachers brush off the behaviour because of the age of those involved.

Hopefully the results of the inquiry will lead to long-term changes being implemented to tackle the problem.


India’s government plans to publish a list of registered sex offenders

In the face of a wave of sexual violence against women, and calls for politicians to respond adequately, the Indian government is to publish the names, photographs and addresses of thousands of convicted sex offenders. The process will begin in Delhi, where the information will be uploaded to the Delhi police website.

Some campaigners say it will act as a powerful deterrent, given what’s seen by many as haphazard implementation of laws protecting people from sexual violence, but there are fears that naming convicted rapists will lead to vigilante attacks.


Sexual assaults in UK prisons more than doubled over 5 years

New figures released by the Ministry of Justice reveal terrifying increases in sexual assault, violence, suicide attempts and self-harm in British prisons between 2010 and 2015. This has been attributed by some to staff shortages and overcrowding, expedited by funding cuts.

Recorded incidents of sexual assault have more than doubled over the 5 year period, as have violent attacks involving knives. The number of attempted hangings in prisons has more than tripled.

These findings are terrifying and represent an urgent need for action and reform.


German parliament debate bringing in tougher sexual violence laws

Following the Cologne attacks, the German parliament today considered reforming their laws on sex crimes.

The laws may be changed in such a way that it would make it easier to prosecute rapists and sex attackers. Some campaigners have argued that such reforms are insufficient and further focus needs to be put on the perpetrators of sexual violence instead of the survivors. There are concerns that even the new reformed laws will put too much emphasis on the actions of the survivor.

Campaigners have criticised the current law regarding rape for not explicitly mentioning consent, (or lack of,) with the definition requiring either force, threat of imminent danger, or exploiting a situation in which the person is unprotected and at the mercy of the offender.

Rhiannon Thompson, Publicity Team 


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