It Happens Everywhere is our newsletter where we take a look at what is happening in the world and try to start a conversation, a conversation that will make people think, and hopefully stand up against sexual violence.

It Happens Here, It Happens Everywhere.

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Glasgow man found guilty for murdering flatmate after she refused to sleep with him

A man admitted to and been found guilty of the crime of beating and stabbing his flatmate to death following her refusal to have sex with him. He said that he ‘lost control.’

Unfortunately such cases, where people are harmed or killed for saying no to sexual advances, are not uncommon. We must challenge the attitudes within society which lend themselves to such a level of entitlement and such an inability to take no for an answer.


Mental health worker jailed for abuse

A mental health worker was jailed for 20 years for raping and sexually assaulting three women under his care. Such a betrayal in a profession of care is absolutely despicable.


Rochdale ex-priest on trial for child abuse

A retired priest is on trial for sexually abusing 10 young children between 1977 and 2002. He denies the charges. It’s heard that the children did not complain because the priest was held in such high regard in his local community.

Thank goodness that this case has been brought to light- the fact it has taken so long reflects the problem within our society where survivors fear not being believed, and where people who are held in high regard are able to exploit this fact in their abuse and keeping it from coming to the surface.


BBC radio presenters charged with child sex abuse

Two married BBC radio presenters this week appeared in court over a series of child sex offences in the 1990s- Tony Wadsworth is charged with 5 counts of inciting a boy under the age of 16 to commit an act of gross indecency, and Julie Mayer with 7 counts of the same charge.

Lancashire men arrested in human trafficking investigation

3 men have been arrested in connection with a human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The arrests are part of a wider operation dedicated to finding those involved in trafficking and slavery in Lancashire. 3 women in their twenties were found on the property and are thought to have been brought to the UK from Romania.

 Boarding school former teacher jailed for sex abuse

A former boarding school teacher has been jailed for 5 years for sexually abusing 5 boys in 3 different schools over 20 years ago. He faces a 14 year sentence after two of the pupils read their personal statements about the crimes and their impact.

This man was meant to be in a position of care and authority and he abused this, making the case even more harrowing. The fact he was convicted after such a long time will hopefully give confidence to survivors in coming forward.

British Priest wanted for sexual abuse arrested in Kosovo

A former Catholic priest was arrested and bailed in 2010 for sex offences in a school he taught in in the 70s and 80s, but failed to return to the police station and has been wanted ever since. He has now been arrested in Kosovo and the London Met is communicating with the relevant authorities to  bring him back to the UK.

French female politicians make statement against sexual harassment

In response to sexual harassment at work and in public, and consistent inappropriate sexual behaviour from male colleagues, 17 female politicians from across the political spectrum wrote in a ‘Statement against sexism’ that staying quiet on the matter was no longer possible.

They make the point that it’s the behaviour of men that must change, not women. They pointed out that women in every portion of society experience comments about their appearance and harassment in their daily life and that we need to tell men that they  can’t do this, and that no means no. They declare that they’ve had ‘enough;’ ‘we will no longer be silent. We will systematically denounce the sexist remarks, the uncalled-for gestures, the inappropriate behaviour. We will encourage every victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault to speak out and to press charges. We ask our parties and our political groups to verify if such acts have been committed, and, if that was indeed the case, to help the victims to make the truth known.’

It is terrible that such a statement is necessary, that the message needs to be repeated, and that these attitudes and behaviours are ongoing. However, a statement to this effect coming from some of the most influential figures in France is a fantastic way to put that message across, and we must continue to echo it, and to fight, for everyone to feel safe and equal.

Rhiannon Thompson, Publicity Team


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