Tiana Dias, Co-Chair (Operations)

I’m the current co-chair of operations and I’ve been with the campaign for about a year. I joined IHH because I am interested in improving consent education at all levels as I feel that consent is a key part of sexual education that is often neglected. In particular, I feel that certain aspects are wholly ignored, such as the importance of consent within relationships and of mutual and continuous affirmation. I believe that a better understanding of consent is crucial in reducing sexual violence in our society. IHH has helped me feel empowered as I have been lucky enough to have seen real change during my time with the campaign and I really enjoy working with such enthusiastic and committed individuals.

Olivia Rohll, Co-Chair (Events)

I’ve been involved in It Happens Here for about a year now and have co-ordinated an art exhibition and promotional video for the campaign in that time. I got involved originally because of an interest in the progress of women’s rights worldwide, but arriving at university made me realise how much more needs to be done in the UK, especially with regards to sexual violence and abuse. Since then I’ve come to realise that sexual violence affects people of all genders and I’m now keen to organise events that reflect the gender and sexuality neutral ethos of It Happens Here. If you have any ideas regarding this please please get in touch!

Emmeline Cassidy, Co-Chair (Publicity)

I became involved in It Happens Here in my second year after having experienced sexual assault and having struggled to find appropriate support. I joined IHH primarily because I wanted to improve the way in which the university responded to disclosures so as to prevent other students from feeling the way I did. This was part of an effort to reclaim my voice and empower myself in the wake of an event which had made me feel weak and small. I am now co-chair of the campaign and it is wonderful to be so engaged in something which consistently re-affirms my strength, my worth and my absolute right to freedom from sexual violence.

Flora  Scorer, Treasurer

I work for It Happens Here because I am passionate about human rights and believe that sexual and gender based violence and discrimination are unacceptable at every level and in every form. I love the inclusivity of It Happens Here and the different methods through which it raises awareness and sparks change. I helped found Oxford Human Rights Society and am a women’s officer at LMH.

Katie Broke, Secretary

I got involved with It Happens Here after hearing about the project for the First Response App. So many of my friends had experienced sexual violence and not told anyone until a long time after the event. I wanted to be involved in giving them more agency to find the information they needed in their own way and own time. But I also felt that part of their struggle was in not feeling that people would listen or support. Everyone deserves to be believed and that is really at the core of It Happens Here.

Asta Diabaté, Digital Manager 

I joined “It Happens Here” last April. I was tired of being afraid that something might happen to me if I walked home on my own and I was tired of hearing people shaming survivors of sexual violence. So I decided to become active and try to change the Oxford community by speaking out and raising awareness. It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made. Some of my most memorable moments here at Oxford have been experienced through It Happens Here, for instance reciting a poem at the poetry reading event for the exhibition held this past Michaelmas. I am now Digital Manager and in charge of making this website sleek and keep you updated about what we are doing to fight sexual violence in Oxford.

Dabin Kwon, Events Team

I joined “It Happens Here” because sexual violence is something that has affected me and many other people whom I love. Sadly, this is a problem in every culture to the people of all genders. However, I believe that this is also a crime which we can stop because there are no if’s and but’s- it is always wrong.

I love being in this campaign because we give a platform to the survivors to reclaim their voice and raise awareness of the issues that are not discussed often enough. Sexual violence can be a tough topic to discuss, but it happens and there is no reason to shy away. Let’s talk about it and stop this.

Molly Moore, Events Team

IHH has had a huge impact on my awareness about issues about sexual assault and violence, and has helped open a much-needed dialogue in Oxford’s activist scene. Getting involved with the amazing work it does was incredibly appealing, and having experienced certain forms of sexual harassment myself, I was keen to increase the awareness of its problems for LGBTQ+ people, and to others who may be unaware of the problems facing students in Oxford. The events IHH run have always been eye-opening, and it has been an absolute honour to join in supporting OSARCC, running more awareness-raising events, and taking consent workshops into schools. IHH has the potential to continue its amazing projects long into the future and my involvement in the campaign stems from the fact that its work truly improves the environment at Oxford Uni. I feel so much safer knowing people as dedicated as IHH are ensuring people are clued upon on the serious issues.

Rhiannon Thomas, Publicity Team 

I became involved in It Happens Here after teaching consent workshops in Michaelmas, 2015. The process made is apparent how unclear many people were about the definitions regarding consent and sexual violence (legally and generally.) The statistics used in the workshops also shocked me and many others. Soon after, I went to an It Happens Here event, and was so impressed with the agenda and the work they were doing that I expressed an interest in getting involved. It’s amazing to be involved in a campaign that is so educational, empowering, and dedicated to fighting for everyone’s right to be safe in Oxford

Katt Walton, LGBTQ+ Rep

I joined IHH when I decided I no longer wanted to be passive to the violence I as a woman face daily. I decided I didn’t want to be apathetic about myself or other being catcalled, groped or assaulted, I’m angry now. I want to stand with other survivors of sexual violence and fight with them to eradicate rape culture. I want to help give voice to survivors and open the dialogue about sexual violence and how it happens here- in Oxford. I first heard about IHH when I participated in the exhibition ‘A Bad Kiss’. As an artist I create work about sexuality, women, and mental health which challenges the norm of discrimination and violence in our society. I am a queer feminist woman and I want to help people with similar experiences. I want to combat sexual violence, harassment, assault, and abuse because we shouldn’t have to endure it.

Josh Rampton, Male/Minority Gender Rep

While the commitment of students and local people in Oxford to building a community where sexual violence is not the norm is often astounding, every one rape or assault represents a reason to keep fighting. Even though my role is gendered, and it is incredibly important for this fight to be genderless, and while I hope to encourage men to get involved, it is not my primary motivation. It is not strange, and certainly not worthy of praise, that a man is standing up with survivors of sexual violence to put an end to this abomination, it is not a male or female response, it is a human one. Oxford represents a huge pool of potential victims and perpetrators of sexual violence, and future leaders. We could become the generation that eradicates this appalling culture of violation for good.

Eve Gregory, Fundraising

I got involved with It Happens Here because someone close to me was assaulted a few years ago, and it baffled me at the time the lack of knowledge, understanding, and help that was available to that person. I couldn’t understand that this thing, which had been so destructive, was so little spoken about, so underreported, and was effectively being brushed under the carpet. It Happens Here makes me feel like I’m making a difference, and helping people who are in similar situations feel as though they have a community of support in which they can speak about their experience without judgment. Hopefully by removing the stigma, we can start to remove the threat.

Miranda Ryan, BME Rep

I decided to get involved with It Happens Here because I enjoy aiding people and recognise that there are many vulnerable groups in our society who sadly experience sexual violence. As an issue that can have such a grave effect on individuals and their close friends/families, it seemed like something that would be extremely worthwhile raising awareness of.

As someone from an ethnic minority, I recognise that the experiences of BME people can be more difficult due to their experiences with being believed and also because in certain cultures attitudes towards sexual violence can vary from that which we aspire to.

I’ve a lot to contribute to this campaign, beyond just the focus on ethnic minorities and am really excited about the changes we can make! I’m also Equal Opportunities Officer at Hertford and am involved in Mind Your Head.

Alexandra Kimmons, Disabilities Rep

I know from personal experience, as well as the experience of many friends and loved ones, the impact that sexual violence and abuse can have on someone’s mental and physical health, as well as the additional struggles such an experience brings to those already living with a disability. Taking this into consideration is a key part of the campaign for survivors to reclaim control of their lives and their bodies. My aim is to open channels for people with disabilities of any kind to feel more comfortable coming forward with their experiences and seeking help. It is my hope that we will be able to improve the resources available to those suffering from mental health issues as a result of sexual violence and to advocate for the university to take these and other issues more seriously in their considerations for coursework deadlines and extenuating circumstances during exams.